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Introducing the Saturn Micro Cement Coffee Table, a modern and versatile addition to any living space. This round microcement table is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, boasting all weather performance including waterproofing, anti-color fade, and scratch resistance. Crafted by Adams Furniture in Dubai, this sturdy piece is available in any color tone of cement, allowing for seamless integration into any decor aesthetic. Whether placed in a cozy living room or on a chic patio, the Saturn Micro Cement Coffee Table brings both style and functionality to any environment. Upgrade your space with this durable and stylish piece from Adams Furniture.

Saturn Micro Cement Coffee Table

  • Made of Beige Micro Cement

    Available in Custom Colors (White / Off White / Cement Gray)

    Size: 120cm Dia x 42cm High (Available in Custom Sizes)

    Made in UAE

    Delivery Time  -  2 Weeks

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