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Singolo Umbrella

The Singolo is a Hanging umbrella with an unusual lift system allowing it to be raised and lowered so that when it is closed it does not touch tables and chair when closed. Available in 400x400cm size with a range of fabrics. 360 rotation. Its special reinforced framework makes the Singolo an ideal product for commercial projects (hotels, restaurants…). It is fitted with a structure-lifting device, which allows closing the parasol even in the presence of furniture underneath the umbrella. All FIM umbrellas in Dubai are designed and made in Italy, using the best materials for outdoor use, in order to guarantee exceptional durability even under the most demanding environmental conditions.




Residential / Commercial


Umbrella Sizes


Wind Rating

up to 60km/h


  • Easy canteliver opening & closing mechanism

  • Durable high performance hub and fittings

  • Stainless steel hardware for longevity

  • Commercial awning grade fabric’s with UPF 50+


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