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Introducing the Perfect Outdoor Dining Table in Dubai: Combining Style and Durability

Enhance your outdoor living experience with our exquisite Joanna outdoor dining table, specially designed for the vibrant city of Dubai. Crafted from premium teak wood, renowned for its natural beauty and remarkable durability, this table is the epitome of luxury and functionality.


As a prominent figure in the world of outdoor furniture in Dubai, we understand the importance of creating an inviting and comfortable space for you to relax and entertain. That's why we've meticulously designed this dining table to meet your discerning tastes and withstand the demanding weather conditions of the region.


Featuring a sleek and contemporary design, this outdoor teak dining table effortlessly blends with any outdoor setting, whether it's your garden, patio, or terrace. Its timeless appeal adds an element of sophistication to your outdoor space, making it perfect for hosting memorable gatherings and enjoying alfresco dining experiences.

The use of teak wood ensures that your outdoor dining table can withstand the harsh sun, sandstorms, and occasional rainfall that Dubai is known for. Teak is naturally resistant to decay, rot, and pests, making it the ideal choice for outdoor furniture in Dubai's challenging climate. With minimal maintenance, your teak dining table will maintain its stunning appearance and structural integrity for years to come.


With ample seating capacity, this table provides enough space for family and friends to dine and unwind comfortably. Its sturdy construction and solid teak wood legs guarantee stability and long-lasting support, ensuring that you can enjoy your meals without any worries.


Investing in our outdoor teak furniture in Dubai means investing in quality and longevity. We prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices, ensuring that our products are responsibly sourced and manufactured. By choosing this dining table, you contribute to the preservation of our planet while indulging in the ultimate outdoor dining experience.

Transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis with our exceptional outdoor dining table. Explore the harmony of style and durability and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Embrace the beauty of outdoor living in Dubai with our meticulously crafted teak furniture. Order now and take your outdoor entertainment to new heights!

Joanna Dining Table

Delivery will be within 4 weeks from the date of order confirmation
    • Handcrafted of solid teak

    • Our teak is SVLK-certified by the Indonesian government, ensuring that it is sustainably grown and responsibly harvested from managed forests

    • Natural Teak is untreated, premium teak. The finish will weather to a silvery grey with exposure to the elements.

    • Weathered Teak is a handcrafted, multistep finish. If left uncovered, our Weathered Teak finish will wear away with exposure to the elements. Once the applied finish has worn off, the furniture will begin to acquire the beautiful silvery-grey patina that is typical of untreated teak.

    • Teak wood is naturally durable and exceptionally resistant to the elements. Learn more.

    • 220cm long table seats up to 6

    • 260cm long table seats up to 8

    • 290 to 300cm long table seats up to 10

    • Our custom-fit outdoor covers are strongly recommended to protect furniture from the elements and minimize aging.

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