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Outdoor Side Tables

Adams Furniture is dedicated to providing the very best in outdoor furniture products and services. Our side tables are available in a range of materials such as marble, stone, and teak and guarantee durability and longevity. We ensure the highest quality of materials for all our products and we spare no effort in providing our customers with the most affordable prices.

Adams Furniture is the go-to destination for outdoor furniture in Dubai. Our selection of outdoor furniture includes everything from outdoor dining furniture, outdoor teak dining tables, outdoor teak furniture and more. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or a modern one, we have something that will fit your style.

Teak wood offers a natural alternative for outdoor dining and lounging and is durable in all weather conditions. Durable teakwood is used with a protective wood coating to ensure the teak colour is maintained.  

Our Teak outdoor furniture is Made in Indonesia and is kiln dried before manufacture. Rigorous quality controls ensure only the best    furniture is produced.


Customise your Teak outdoor furniture with a range of cushions made locally in Dubai.

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